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Testimony for Thailand Pass, Quarantine exemption "Test & Go"

Nicha has just been back in Thailand recently and here how my journey was.

It was very quick with documents verification of Thailand Pass etc. upon arrival. I'd say 2 mins documents verification (Well, we walked very fast from the gate & already printed out all docs so basically almost no waiting time and there were many staff there)

✅ My option was Quarantine Exemption "Test & Go" staying in SHA Extra Plus in BKK near the airport for 1 night, and take a separate flight back to Samui the next day.


(Final destination BKK)

Announcement (30 mins before boarding) by names to go to the gate before to recheck documents before departure:

▪️1. Passport

▪️2. Thailand Pass

▪️3. RT - PCR Test

▪️4. Vaccination card

▪️5. Hotel confirmation

▪️6. Medical insurance (for non-Thais)

▪️8. Luggages claim (No. of Luggages)

▪️9. TM 8 form was given at the boarding counter and asked to fill the form. (But it turned out that nobody asked for this form upon arrival... )


(No document rechecking)


- Disembarked : the first sign I saw was the sign for conveyor belt number 

- On the way to docs verification check point, there are signs & barriers making sure we go where we are supposed to go all the way

- Sat on a chair for documents verification

🔸1. Passport

🔸2. Boarding Pass

🔸3.Thailand Pass

🔸4. RT-PCR Test

- Walked to immigration & get stamped

- Collected Luggages

- Went to the exit (at this point, a custom scanned all the luggage)

- In front of the exit, there are tables with Hotels signs so I just went to mine and met the staff there, got escorted to the van (nobody else in the van just two of us)

** I noticed I wasn't asked to show my vaccination card nor hotel booking. Apparently these docs were already checked before getting an approval for 'Thailand Pass'

🔸🏢𝐀𝐓 𝐒𝐇𝐀 𝐄𝐗𝐓𝐑𝐀+ 𝐇𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐋 (in Bangkok, near the BKK airport)

- Once arrived, straight to outdoor swab test station at the hotel (I did mine around 5pm)

- Choose the food menu for the stay (Check-in done by another staff at the same time)

- Straight to the room from the swab station

- Woke up in the morning, the test result was already delivered in an envelope in front of the door & good to Go freely hehe.

- Take a flight back to Ko Samui et voilà, Good to be back home again 🙂🏝❤️


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