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Testimony 13/09/21 - Flying from Bangkok (Dark Red Zone) to Samui with Bangkok Airways

" I just came back to Samui on 13/09/21 from Bangkok (Dark Red Zone) with BKK Airways and with the Travel certificate (within 5 days, 3 days for mine). All good with the document, was quick, no comment from authority upon arrival. The first thing BKK Airways staff asked at the check-in counter was "Do you have a Covid test & evidence of vaccination?" I just showed them my 'Travel certificate' issued by a Health Department in Samui which is sufficient for those who leave Samui for not more than 5 days. I asked the staff there at check-in counter what if a person without a travel certificate and unvaccinated but have a test, can he/she still board the plane? They said no as it's the regulation that they need both certificate of vaccination and a test result or a Travel Certificate less than 5 days from Dark Red & Red zone. Upon arrival, to double check, I asked the same question to an authority who checked my paper, if unvaccinated visitors (without Travel certificate) can come to Samui now and I got the same answer which is " No, it's the new regulation now that visitors have to be vaccinated & tested ". So that's it, a review from my personal experience as of today.

This is information in relation to the flight to Koh Samui, not sure how arriving by ferries is now. "

*** Residents who have a 'Travel Certificate' and stay in Dark Red/ Red zone more than 5 days, the certificate is still valid when check-in together with a "Covid test" (RT PCR / Ag Test less than 72 hours) even you are unvaccinated. ***


✅ From Dark Red zone & Red zone (without a Travel Certificate from Samui)

  • Vaccine certification + PCR / Ag test

✅ From Dark Red zone & Red zone (with a Travel Certificate from Samui)

  • Less than 5 days (No COVID test required, unvaccinated OK)

  • More than 5 days (COVID test required, unvaccinated OK)

📌Where to get a Travel Certificate in Samui:

📌Current domestic Travel regulations for Samui:

📌Current domestic Travel regulations for Phangan & Ko Tao:


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