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Entry into Thailand using the new Thailand Pass portal from Nov 2021

According to the Nation Speech of the Prime Minister of Thailand on 11 Oct 2021, COE will no longer be used for most travelers and will be replaced by Thailand Pass.

However, COE will continue to be used for patients staying in Alternative Hospital Quarantine , arrivals by land, and group arrivals by yacht and cruise ships.

Thailand Pass Draft Procedures:

1. Complete Online Forms, TM6 (Arrival Card) and T8 (Health Questionnaire)

2. Upload Certificate of Vaccination and copy of passport

3. Verification for vaccination will be done automatically (by QR Code) or manually by the Disease Control Department official

4. Approval will be done within 1-3 days from the registration date

5. Upon arrival, visitors show Thailand Pass QR Code and COVID Test result less than 72 hours old

Travelers will need to fill in the information on the Thailand Pass website only once. Information will be stored up to one year (with the applicant's consent)

Remark: This Thailand Pass is not official yet. There will be a meeting again this upcoming week.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs as of 15 Oct 2021

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