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7 Aircon restaurants in Bo Phut, Ko Samui.


Copper is a relatively new, partly air-conditioning & open-air restaurant. It is on the ring road right next to Shell station in Bo Phut. The style of the restaurant comes with a Copper / Earth tone, creating a smooth and relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant. A high ceiling with glass windows allows having enough light in the restaurant and makes the place spacious. Many ex-pats or digital nomads people in Bo Phut area like to come here as a working cafe.

Opening time : Mon- Sat (09:00-21:00)

Tel: 0913917660


K.O.B (King of Bread)

A popular restaurant & café among the locals and expats in Bo Phut. K.O.B serves fusion food for both Western and Thai. As it's a nice cozy and cool place, some people also come here for a co-working space and some come for a meeting. If you are looking for some nice Healthy food and good croissants in Bo Phut, K.O.B is one of the nice places to go for.

Opening time : Everyday (07:00 - 18:00)

Tel: 081 829 9045

Facebook: Website:


My Cafe and Restaurant

A partly open-air and aircon restaurant near Bo Phut T-junction owned by a Thais.

This restaurant serves various fusion food: Western and Thai. Various choices of desserts are available such as cake, ice cream or even Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings 'Bingsu'. There's a long table in the middle of the room suitable for people coming in a big group. The restaurant has a small lake view right next to it.

Opening time : Everyday (11:30 - 22:00)

Tel: 0934644551



Umi Shabu

A Japanese restaurant for A la carte and Shabu Buffet in Bo Phut. Reasonable prices for food quality and quantity. This Japanese Shabu restaurant also serves various a la carte menus. Another restaurant worth visiting on a hot day for Japanese food lovers.

Opening time : Everyday (12:00 - 23:00)

Tel: 077 900 105



The Irish Time

As its name, this is a bar & restaurant decorated in an Irish style in Ko Samui. Plenty of photos decorated on the wall, a typical Irish-style restaurant & bar. Outside the restaurant looks just like a normal restaurant but once you step inside, it gives a different atmosphere.

Opening time: Everyday (08:00 - 01:00)


Beach Coconuts Bowls

If you are looking for 'Health food' in an aircon restaurant in Bo Phut area, Beach Coconut Bowl might be one of your choices. Different types of grains and cereals served in a coconut bowl as its name, how healthy and cute. Another nice place to check in for Instagrammable photos updates :)

Opening time : Everyday (10:00 - 17:00)

Tel: 077962270


Kapi Sator Kitchen Samui

Southern Thai restaurant serving many local dishes in an aircon restaurant opposite of Samui International Hospital.

Opening time: Everyday (10:00 - 22:00)

Tel: 098 799 8007




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