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Koh Samui Bridge Project Receives Overwhelming Support from 95% of Local Residents

a bridge to Koh Samui
Credit Photo : DailyNews

The Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) recently held a meeting with the officials and executives in Koh Samui to discuss the proposed expressway project that aims to connect the island to mainland Surat Thani. During the meeting, the EXAT governor and other officials paid close attention to the opinions of local villagers regarding the proposed project.

Approximately 250 residents of Koh Samui attended a comprehensive presentation about the project in preparation for the feasibility study, which will evaluate the engineering, economic, financial, and environmental aspects of the project. The presentation was also broadcasted live via local radio stations, Facebook, and YouTube.

According to Mr. Surachet, who presented the project, more than 95% of the audience expressed their support for the initiative, highlighting the strong enthusiasm for the bridge construction that will connect Koh Samui to the mainland. The survey results reflect the hope of the local community for increased connectivity and accessibility to the mainland, which could potentially boost the island's tourism and economic growth.

The EXAT officials are expected to continue their evaluation of the project's feasibility, with a focus on ensuring that the proposed bridge is constructed in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable. If the project goes ahead, it could prove to be a vital step forward for Koh Samui, opening up new opportunities for the island's development and progress.

Source: Daily News


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