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Architectural Design & Construction

Ko Samui Life offers comprehensive real estate development management services tailored to meet the needs of property owners and developers. From coordinating with suppliers and contractors to managing internal and external communications, our experienced team ensures smooth project execution. Our expertise in back-office operations, including administrative tasks and procurement, streamlines the development process. With our commitment to professionalism and attention to detail, we provide reliable and efficient support for successful real estate projects.

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Real Estate Development Management Services

Our objective

" Our objective in real estate development management is to provide comprehensive and efficient services that streamline the development process for our clients. By coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, managing construction matters, and overseeing back-office tasks, we aim to ensure smooth project execution. Our goal is to deliver successful and profitable real estate developments while maintaining strong customer relations and utilizing effective marketing strategies to maximize project visibility and attract potential buyers or investors. " 

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Villa Jintaleela

"Jah played a crucial role in the development of Villa Jintaleela. Her expertise in coordinating with local suppliers, managing communications with contractors and staff, and providing valuable back office support was invaluable. Her attention to detail, communication skills, efficiency, and commitment to the project ensured a smooth and seamless construction process. I highly recommend Jah for her professional and reliable real estate development management services."

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